By The Bushel

Cultivating a sustainable food community from the ground up”

By the Bushel Community Food Co-operative is an innovative co-operative of food producers and processors, dedicated staff and a community of eaters working towards rebuilding our relationship to land, good healthy food and community. With the commitment to producing  and selling ecologically–responsible food, By The Bushel works to maintain the integral connection to local farmers and community members. We are dedicated to sharing our sustainable activities with the community through memberships, community partnerships, celebratory activities, and in nurturing our local food supply.

Core Objectives:

  • Coordinate opportunities for local producers to offer a combination of certified organic and ecologically-responsible products to local consumers/eaters. To provide opportunities for local consumers/eaters to access the products of a more sustainable food system.
  • Develop and provide opportunities for education, the sharing of skills, information, ideas as well as access to human energy and capital resources to grow our growers. To develop our workers’ capacities and support our consumers to access and create a sustainable food culture.
  • Facilitate a democratic and participatory process (based on the co-operative principles) to engage and empower producers, workers and consumers to derive benefit from their participation in the development of a local sustainable food system.
  • Be a centre where households, producers, local businesses and community organisations share a passion for building our local economy and a resilience food system.