Our Basket Program

We are a year round food basket program. Baskets vary based on season, size and price-point.
Consider sharing a basket with a friend or neighbour!

How to sign up for a basket

1. Become a consumer member with By The Bushel! Please follow the link here for the appropriate page.
If you are already a member also follow the above link, fill in your information and choose the pay by cheque option.  We will not expect a cheque since you have already paid.

2. Navigate to our SHOP page to choose your basket and arrange your payment plan. Please click on the following links to get an idea of Produce Guide or Basket Examples. Please note that to secure your basket we require the posted deposit.
Joining late? Contact us to inquire about jumping in with our pro-rated prices. 

3. Our staff will confirm your basket sign-up. Expect to receive our newsletter before your basket pick-up for location, dates and times, and our complementary recipes.

4. Questions? Don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

2016/17 Winter Baskets

We continue to offer a 6 month winter basket program. These baskets will be available monthly (pick up on the third Thursday and Friday of the month) from November 17 until April 21
Regular (10-12 items): $300 ($50 per month – Deposit: $100.00)

Payment Plans

Please note: Partial subscription options or jump-ins are subject to availability and pricing would be pro-rated accordingly. If you are interested in joining once a season has already started, please contact us as soon as possible. This ensures that our producers are given sufficient notice and can grow and harvest food specifically for you. Please email at coop@bythebushel.ca or call 705-760-1387 (Monday to Friday) to inquire about availability.


Deposits are required upon sign up to secure your spot in the basket program. Paying in advance helps to keep the co-op running smoothly, facilitates planning, and allows us to fairly compensate our producer members for all of their hard work. We gladly accept post dated cheques and also welcome self directed payment plans.
For more information please contact us at coop@bythebushel.ca or call 705-760-1387 (Monday-Friday).

Payment Options

Paying by Cheque:
Fill out the Purchase form and electronically and print off or print and fill them in manually. Cheques are to be made out to: “By the Bushel Co-op.” Mail the forms with your basket deposit or full payment to: By the Bushel Co-op, 542 Rogers St. 
Peterborough, ON
 K9H 1X2.

Once we have received your form and payment, we will email you a confirmation. We will add your email to the basket program list, where we will send out important information before your pick-up date and complementary recipes. If you are signing up through the website, an automatic response will be emailed to you.

In Store:
Members are able to make payments in cash, Kawartha Loons (50% of purchase) or using their credit card. These payments are processed during basket pick-up days.

Extra Products

We will also have a number of value added products for sale during each basket pick-up which include frozen meats, maple syrup, honey, wild rice, and more. In some instances, extra produce may also be available. Members do not have to be participating in the basket program to purchase these items. Please navigate to our SHOP page.