Our Guiding Principles

By the Bushel Community Food Co-operative is working to develop a socially just, participatory and sustainable economic base for our local food system. We do this through the use of our Guiding Principles.

Co-operatives are community-based businesses that balance people, planet, and profit.

By The Bushel uses a triple bottom-line model of sustainability: upholding economic, social, and environmental responsibilities for the local community. The co-operative structure is ethical in its treatment of its members, employees, suppliers and environment. By The Bushel does this by considering domestic fair trade, food security, ecological integrity, and building community in all of our decision making.  For more information, please read our concept paper

Domestic Fair Trade and Local Food Security

  • Finding a balance between providing a living income to our producers, paying our workers a fair wage, and connecting consumers to fair prices for local organic products
  • Developing a socially just, participatory process to empower producers, workers and consumers to benefit from our food system
  • Ensuring accountability through honest and transparent business, farming and consumer practices

Ecological Integrity

  • Participating in ecologically-sound decision making that promotes the health and vitality of the land and its ecosystems
  • Working as a community to continually improve our relationship with the land that supports us
  • Soil, water & air conservation as part of our sustainable farming practices
  • Reducing carbon emissions as local organic producers

Building Connections and Community

  • Employing co-operative principles based upon openness, democratic, and participatory practices in working towards realising a sustainable regional food system
  • Building a strong, resilient community based on co-operation, friendship and inclusiveness