Our Producers

All of the produce and products sold by the By The Bushel Community Food Co-op come from local, certified organic or ecological farms. We have an expansive community of producers who supply our co-op with fresh produce as well as other farm and value-added products.

Our Producers


LoonSong Farm

Paul Salanki and Heather Thoma started LoonSong Farm in 2003, and grew mixed produce for 9 years serving the local community through a CSA, market garden, and educational offerings, working with organic and biodynamic practices. In 2008 they began growing and milling grains, and the grains have become LoonSong’s focus since 2012. In 2017 LoonSong moved to from Manitoulin Island to Niagara Region, and they will be based in Northumberland County starting in 2018. All of the fields where they grow their milling grains are certified organic.

Kyoto Coffee

We love coffee. We also love the idea that coffee can provide trade, not aid, to small crop farmers and co-operatives from around the world. Our company focus is on providing organic, planet-friendly coffee. That’s why we source our beans from companies who import a selection of organic coffee from the finest growing regions of the world. We are also proud supporters of many ethical coffee’s. The result? Our earth wins, since no chemicals are used and, in many cases, the rainforest is used to help grow the coffee and not torn down. This means that the birds and animals who live in the trees don’t lose their habitat or digest poison, so they also win. The farmer wins because we pay more for that planet-friendly bean. You win because you have great tasting, fresh coffee today with no chemicals and surprisingly, it isn’t as expensive as you might think. Your children win, because every step toward a green future preserves their future.

Merrylynd Organics

Merrylynd Farm has been in the Leahy family since it was settled in Peterborough County in 1825.

The entire farm is certified by Organic Crop Producers & Processors Ontario (OCPP) and handles only organic grains certified by OCPP or Organic Crop Improvement Association (OCIA).

Merrylynd farms operates in the tradition of a diverse family farm providing a large variety of products dependent on seasonality and availability.

Organic Grains & Beans
Organic Feed
Organic Flour
Organic Beef
Maple Syrup

OtonaBEE Apiary

OtonaBEE Apiary OtonaBEE Apiary
Astrid Manske, Dave Moffat, Ryssa, Keiton & Skye

“Our honey is exactly as the BEES make it, not pasteurized or processed in any way,” says Astrid as she describes her family’s 600 hive apiary. Raised on the farm that is their ‘headquarters’, Dave began with a few hives and over time has developed the largescale professional operation that is OtonaBEE Apiary. Key players in crop pollination, bees are currently struggling against serious threats. To survive, perpetuate their species and produce a honey harvest, they require the support of their keepers. “It’s a sticky business,” notes Astrid, a fiercely committed protector of the millions of bees in the OtonaBEE hives.

Lunar Rhythm Gardens

Jessica Foote of Lunar Rhythm Gardens drives horses to plough her fields. This timeless practice yields high fertility with low impact on the land. Based in Kawartha Lakes, much of our winter baskets are supplied by Lunar Rhythm Gardens.

Deer Bay Farms

Hayla and Doug Evans of Deer Bay Farms strive to produce unique and traditional fruits and vegetables using sustainable agricultural practices.  Located in Lakefield, ON, Deer Bay Farms is also produces and bottles their own apples and apple cider.

Chick-a-Biddy Acres

In 2013 Josh Blank joined forces with Sherry Patterson on Chick-a-Biddy Acres. Their garden has expanded to 5 acres, producing an incredible assortment of delicious veggies. With the construction of 3 greenhouses and a custom designed root cellar, vegetables are now supplied all year long.

Sun Root Organics

Paula Anderson of Sun Root Organics utilizes urban and peri-urban agriculture practices to provide a wide range of products for the co-op. In her 13th growing season, Paula enjoys growing herbs, heirloom tomatoes and varieties of zucchini.

The Sprouthouse

Jan Laurie, through her business The Sprouthouse, offers many sprout varieties including alfalfa, broccoli, mustard, radish, sprouted legumes, sunflower sprouts and pea shoots.  Jan enjoys being a grower and providing healthy, nutrient-dense local food to the community.

Tiny Greens

Tina Bromley of Tiny Greens produces microgreens varieties of speckled peas, sunflower, broccoli, kale, red cabbage, Diakon radish, and green radish. These densely nutritious greens provide a wonderful assortment of vitamins and minerals that our bodies need.

Cedar Grove Organic Farm

Les Boswer of Cedar Grove Organic Farm produces many varieties of garlic.  Garlic is a strong anti-inflammatory agent, as well as Omega-3 + Omega-6 fatty acids! Les has worked with various organic businesses including the Big Carrot and so has a grand grass-roots understanding of agriculture.

Martin’s Fruit and Vegetables

Martin Oates, of Martin’s Fruit and Vegetables, believes that the farming lifestyle is perfect for families. The two acres currently under Martin’s cultivation yield a widely diverse crop which includes heirloom tomatoes, unique potatoes, other specialty vegetables & rare fruits.

Black Duck Wild Rice

James Whetung of Black Duck Wild Rice as worked hard to develop a unique processing method which transforms wild grass seed into a naturally fresh and nutty flavored grain. Wild Rice is a natural and traditional food, native to the Kawartha Lakes Region making it a staple food local communities. We support the celebration and resurgence of regionally specific cuisine.

Wooler Dale Farm

Anne Van de Hayden of Wooler Dale Farm  is a member of the Canadian Organic Farmers Cooperative and the Ecological Farmers of Ontario.  The Van de Heyden family have been growing vegetables since 1981.   They utilize crop rotation as the best way to avoid problems with pests, diseases, and soil nutrient depletion.

Circle Organics

Julie and Andrew of Circle Organic are based in Millbrook, Ontario, producing fresh, quality organic food for Peterborough and the surrounding area. Many of their seeds are heirloom varieties, growing over 50 types of vegetables, fruits and herbs, along with a wide range of flowers.

Dan Ledandan Foods

Dan is a caterer and farmer that uses local seasonal foods from the region to educate future chefs, new farmers and develop further food sovereignty in the community. Dan operates booths at the Peterborough farmers markets making organic, raw, fair trade chocolate, as well as unique herbal tea combinations and organic fair trade coffee products.

Unique alchemical cacao creations, loaded with sustainable, local and organic sourcing!