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Our process supports local farmers and suppliers to bring happy healthy food to you! To learn more about our baskets and guiding principles, please visit our About page.


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Enter your Shopping List to Win One of Two $50.00 Gift Certificates to St. Veronus

By the Bushel is working toward opening a store front in Spring 2018.  To better meet our members needs we want to be sure that we are sourcing the local and sustainably grown products that will satisfy your shopping requirements. This is where we need your help and input.  Send us your weekly shopping list…

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A Range of Local & Organic Products

By the Bushel offers a variety of produce baskets. Weekly spring baskets (April to May). Weekly and bi-weekly summer produce baskets (June to October). And monthly winter produce baskets (November to April). Please feel free to download and review our Produce Guide or the our Basket Examples to get a sense of what we offer throughout the four growing seasons. We also offer a selection of value-added goods such as frozen meats, cheeses, honey, maple syrup, and more. These may be purchased in addition to or independently of our baskets.

How it all works

Follow our step-wise process to learn about how local organic produce comes to you! To learn more about our seasonal baskets, visit Our Basket Program page.

  • Step 1:

    Your food is grown, raised or made locally in the Kawartha Lakes region by our community of producers.arrow1

  • Step 2:

    Join our co-op by signing up yourself, your family or business to become a member.arrow2

  • Step 3:

    Members place orders for seasonal produce, farm products and locally sourced goods online, by phone or in person.arrow3

  • Step 4:

    Pick up your fresh, local, organic item at our Peterborough location.