Call for Recipes with your Photo

As you know, the most exciting part of finding out your basket’s contents is finding out what you can transform them into! By the Bushel tries to provide unique and interesting recipes that go alongside your produce basket to support your endeavour of seasonal eating.

We have an existing database of recipes, but we always love hearing about what YOU do with your seasonal ingredients. If you have a recipe you think is delicious and fantastic, and would like to share with the co-op, we would love to post it on our website and in basket newsletters for all to use when it is applicable.

Criteria for recipe submission:

  • Must include minimum of one seasonal ingredient (from any season).
  • Must include minimum one quality photograph*.
  • Must include name of dish, clear instructions, # of servings, prep time, and cook time (if applicable).
  • Must include credit (the name of the recipe’s creator).

*In order to maintain the quality standards of this website, we ask that the photo clearly show the food item only. We will not accept photos that are blurry, too bright/dark, too close/far away, or that feature people.

By submitting recipes and photos to By the Bushel, you agree to have them published on our website and in newsletters at any time. We will provide credit to contributors on the recipe page. Send recipe and photo submissions to today!