Hello, Winter Baskets!

This past week we began our monthly basket season. It was completely full of delicious local produce, kicking us off to a great start for the season! We have had a great response to this basket in the past, and want to continue to be able to provide members with amazing seasonal, local foods all year round. As with all of our baskets, we try very hard to include staple foods (potatoes, carrots, onions, mushrooms etc.) and some fun extras (microgreens, salad greens, apple cider, squash, wild rice, apples, and more!) to make sure you’ve got good balance in what you’re eating throughout the month.

We of course try to keep things as diverse as possible to try and break down the idea that there isn’t a huge diversity local, seasonal winter vegetables in the Peterborough area! We work with some fantastic producers who have innovated the local farming sector with season-extending methods that allow us to be spoiled with things like fresh greens all winter long (we’re looking at you, Chick-a-Biddy and Tiny Greens!).

As a reminder, our basket days for this winter are as follows:

  • November 16/17 (success!)
  • December 15/16
  • January 18/19
  • February 15/16
  • March 15/16
  • April 19/20