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By The Bushel By The Bushel Community Food Co-op
Producer Profiles

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Sherry Patterson
The organic farming movement in Peterborough is in its infancy. Our goal is to increase the demand for locally grown produce to support Peterborough area organic farmers and to encourage more farmers to explore the bounties of organic farming. Our goal is to be part of a sustainable local food system that will provide increasing amounts of local organic produce to the Peterborough community in the coming years.
All of the produce and products sold by the By The Bushel Community Food Co-op come from local, certified organic or ecological farms. We are currently updating this page. Here is information on some of our producer members. A list of the 2014 season’s growers is available here
  • The Sprouthouse
  • Cedar Grove Organic Farm
  • Chick-a-Biddy Acres
  • Sun Root Organics
  • Wooler Dale Farm
  • Black Duck Wild Rice
  • Lucinda Rose & Jan Laurie The Sprouthouse (Peterborough) SprouthouseThe Sprouthouse is an urban micro farm run by Lucinda Rose and Jan Laurie. We produce high quality, nutrient dense sprouts including legumes, grains and micro-greens. The Sprouthouse is a truly local business with all produce grown right here in Peterborough. We use organic seeds, our own homemade compost and absolutely no chemicals or pesticides. The results are top-quality, nutritious sprouts for you to enjoy! This is where you’ll discover leovegas. Stick to the weblink! Les Bowser Cedar Grove Organic Farm (Omemee) Les came to farming through his farming grandparents in New Brunswick and his job as produce manager at the Big Carrot in Toronto in the mid-80’s. At that time, Cedar Grove was called the Kawartha Hills Organic Farm and was owned by a group of shareholders from all over Southern Ontario. Due to organizational and other factors, the farm struggled. When the shareholders decided to sell, Les pursued his desire to leave the city and become a farmer. When he purchased the property in 2001 he had many challenges to overcome – broken-down equipment, depleted soil, overgrown fields. Slowly and steadily Les has re-invigorated the land and today turns out lovely rhubarb, potatoes, garlic, shallots, peas, beans, greens, artichokes and celery. He keeps animals for work, food and manure, grows his own hay for feed and runs both his car & tractor on biodiesel. Sherry Patterson Chick-a-Biddy Acres (Hastings) Chick-a-biddy Acres operates on a 72 acre farm near Peterborough, in the beautiful Trent Hills. Surrounded by lush pastures, dairy farms, woods and many rivers, the area is largely free of big scale mono-crop farming which ensures clean and relatively pesticide free surroundings. Although not yet certified organic, they never use herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers on the land. Rich compost, crop rotation, tilling and good management are the tools used to maintain the soil and grow healthy, natural food. Through its C.S.A. program, Chick-a-biddy Acres is pleased to provide a healthy alternative, one that allows people to eat what is fresh and in season. Eating in season, means getting the most nutritional value appropriate to the seasons. And, very importantly, the eater has personal contact with the grower of their produce and a connection to the land that feeds them. Eating locally serves all of our interests. “Organic” means little otherwise. Paula Anderson Sun Root Organics (Peterborough) Sun Root Organics provides a source of seasonal, fresh, locally and ecologically grown food for the Peterborough community through their Market Garden and Community Supported Agriculture (C.S.A) projects. Sun Root Organics aims to responsibly grow this food using ecologically sound agricultural practices that nurture the land and the community of people who rely on the land for their nourishment. Greg Roy & Anna Petry Deep Roots Farm (Warsaw) Anna and GregAt Deep Roots Farm we offer a variety of organically grown vegetables and herbs specializing in heirloom and unique vegetable varieties, as well as culinary and medicinal herbs. Through bio-dynamics, companion planting, green manuring, composting, and crop rotation, Deep Roots Farm respects its place in the ecosystem. We enrich and nurture a healthy soil, which in turn grows a health and hardy crop. No synthetic sprays or additives are ever used. We believe in providing nutritious, local food to the community we live in. So much of the food we eat is grown commercially, burns fossil fuels in transport, and is sprayed with chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Eating locally grown food will ease the strain on the environment and will benefit our community. It will ensure that your food is as fresh, alive, and nutritious as possible. Your taste buds won’t lie. James Whetung Black Duck Wild Rice (Curve Lake) JamesThe wild rice is gathered, cured and roasted with tradition, in an all natural manner which gives it its unique toasty nutty flavour. From gathering in the lakes, throughout every step, Black Duck Wild Rice is grown without using chemicals, additives, colorants or artificial flavors.